Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile, first time see the title is on anime magazine. They said it’s a very good anime. But I ignore it. When I go to dvd shop, there are dvd anime of it and drama (live action). Still ignores them. Until I go to my friend’s house, I said, I want to borrow your dvd collection that can make of laugh, has a good story and romantic. Then she gave me Nodame Cantabile.

Finished Gundam Wing

Just finished watching Gundam Wing, as my previous post, I came across complete Gundam collection (Wing, Seed and Seed Destiny) when I went to shopping mall, so although I am not into Mecha Genre but I want to know what the hypes of Gundam? What is the Gundam anime history, why they make new session over it? And since now I am watching Gundam 00, so why I didn’t bought the complete collection and watch them over.

So this is my review of Gundam Wing.

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Selimut Jepang yang halus

Neko Sakuraba AoiSebenarnya dah seminggu yang lalu, gw beli selimut jepang. tapi baru sabtu kemarin sempet dibawa pulang.. wuu… selimut jepang yang halus.. padahal ini harganya yang murah. apalagi yang mahal ya?? se-kualitas hotel kali ya??

Jadi inget ma Sakubara Aoi-sama yang muter2x + ngelus2x kepalanya di selimutnya Hanabishi Kaoru. Dia mirip kucing….. UUuuuu… kawai na….

Gundam collection

Last saturday, I went to shopping mall. And go to dvd store. I saw 3 gundam collector edition. They all complete series. Without hesitate, I bought them all. They are:
1. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (TV Series – 1995)
2. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (TV Series – 2002)
3. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (TV Series – 2004)
4. Mobile  Suit Gundam 00 (TV Series – 2007)

It will gave me a historical lesson about Gundam anime.

ps: Gundam info at Wikipedia