Finished Gundam Wing

Just finished watching Gundam Wing, as my previous post, I came across complete Gundam collection (Wing, Seed and Seed Destiny) when I went to shopping mall, so although I am not into Mecha Genre but I want to know what the hypes of Gundam? What is the Gundam anime history, why they make new session over it? And since now I am watching Gundam 00, so why I didn’t bought the complete collection and watch them over.

So this is my review of Gundam Wing.

Gundam Wing ZeroPersonally I think Gundam Wing is a good anime, gave me some entertaining, although it’s a > 10 years old anime (to be precise it’s a 1995 anime – should I say it classic anime?) There are many characters inside the anime (of course with 49 episodes it required a lot of chars) but it’s easy to tell the main actors are. Gundam pilots, Relena, Zechs and Noin, Treize and Une. The rest you can call side chars J. And they all has good and bad side.

The writer is very good bringing-up the humanity in the anime so no one that right all the time, the stronger or the most powerful. Like Alliance, OZ and White Fang organization, sometimes they are the dictator, bad guy but in other time they are the victims. Also with Gundam pilots, at first they fought Alliance but after they being used by OZ and OZ became dictator for Romefeller Foundation, Gundam a little bit confuse whose they’re enemy, plus they didn’t received order anymore. Gundam fight anyone, anyone who brought war which make them as earth and colony enemy. I can even to tell whose Gundam enemy, for whom they are fighting, whom they are protect, who’s the bad and good guy in this anime. In the last episode 2 Gundam fighting this can lead to confusing people. The characters it-self has good and bad side, like Zechs/Miliardo and Treize sometimes the make war and in the other time they protect the one they love and step backward from OZ. Heero too, at first I thought he is selfish but later on he can work with Gundam team and think a lot about peace, people and Relena.

In the last episode 2 Gundam are fighting, making people confuse which one protect what? So giving me absurd, they talk about peace but fought each other.

In the end “TOTAL PEACE” idea that producer want to showed-up with Relena is something you should get after you finished the anime. Although it’s wont be my favorite anime, but it gave me some joys watching it not bad at all (sorry if I am not into mecha anime). So, I gave it score D.

note: I think Gundam Wing title based on Gundam Wing Zero that Heero Yui piloted in later episode

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