The Gundam Series

Actually I have finished watching Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (4 weeks ago) and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny (2 weeks ago) but lately I kind a lazy to update this blog. Review? did you say review for those 2 series? Sorry I am still lazy so I am not going to give review about them in near future. Maybe later after I finished watching Gundam 00. Anyway for summary, those 2 series are more complicated storyline than Gundam Wing. And yes the series are related, so if you going to watch make sure you finish watching Gundam Seed then you can go ahead with Gundam Seed Destiny.

Anyway I am pretty tired watching 2 series of Gundam, just like marathon, every night for 4 weeks after back from work finishing 2 x 50 episodes with each 25 minutes. Fiuh… you count how many hours I spent just for Gundam.

PS: now I am postponing Gundam 00 at ep. 10

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