Missing Mails in Thunderbird

I am using Thunderbiard on Fedora Core 4 (I know it’s an old distro) and this morning suddenly all emails in folder Inbox are missing, trying to close and re-open again, nothing changes. Only today downloaded email are visible.

Check on Thunderbird’s folder storage, all files are still there and the Inbox filesize is 1.1GB. Still curious why my emails missing?? So I click “Compact this folder” button … and what happen next, the Inbox filesize decreased into 1.3MB. Holly God?? I press the wrong button….

After googling I found this 2 KBs from Mozilla

And from those articles, it seems my Inbox index file (Inbox.msf) is corrupted. OMG, I wish I am not rush clicking the Compact option, perhaps I still can view my old emails. And my friend told me “Hey, perhaps it’s a sign why you dont need those old emails”. Ah well… perhaps it’s time I upgrade my old Fedora box into latest Fedora 9 or using Ubuntu 8

3 responses to “Missing Mails in Thunderbird

  1. yes sir,
    I’ll do it right away. Since this incident happen I am using my old copyrighted os on my box 😦
    thank you for stopping by at my blog 🙂

  2. Thank you, but my email in thunderbird seems to be deleted by my children… So I’ve lose more than 2000 email.

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