Anime Dropped

No, I am not a fansub-er. I am just anime lover who like to leech ‘a ready to watch’ anime from fansubs. The problem is I really like to leech just to see anime. No, I hate to see live video streaming because the quality not so good, and not collectible. Yeah, I like to collect good anime so I can watch and play later over and over again. And this habits make my new Seagate 250GB SATA harddrive is full and also filling my office harddrive (that suppose to be used for work-related files). I was thinking to buy another 500GB or 1TB SATA drive as now cheaper and affordable by me. But after thinking hard, I decide to postpone that new harddrive and delete some boring and/or uncollectible animes. And those anime are:

  • Naruto Shippunden: Using about 11.2GB from episode 1 – 72 and not yet finished, Gosh very boring. I know it’s a good anime, but with too much filler and long story make it uncollectible items
  • Soul Link: Boring, not obvious and attract me to watch it.
  • Sakura Taisen: New York Troops OVA: I love Sakura Taisen with strong energetic girl and high-end old mecha. And of course that stage performance of singing and dancing as covers of theirs troop. But this OVAs some how missed that, and not so interesting.
  • Ikkitousen: Great Guardians: NO.. I have not delete it, as I am not finish watching it, I know I like the genre of Ikkitousen but this season of Ikkitousen make me bored, I dont really understand the plots. Not a lot of fighting, still using Chinese historical jargons which I dont understand, etc, etc. I like Ikkitousen and Ikkitouse Dragon Destiny and I want to keep this season, But yeah, I’ll delete it if I have finished watching it and not reaching my expectations.

So I got a free space on my Harddrive. I am using it for:

  • ToraDora: WOW this anime is good, heart touching and tear jerker. So what is I am mellow.
  • Akikan!:  WOW it’s episode has it’s own ending song. Must have them all.
  • To-Love-Ru: A very energetic, positive, alien princess that entertaining.
  • Clannad: After Story:  If you like Clannad you must see After Story.
  • Minami-ke Okaeri: The third Seasons, Yay.. no comment
  • Gundam 00: S1 and S2: Gundam yeah.. Gundam. What ultimate mecha you got there. Gundam is now officially must have anime that I should collect it. Since I already watch Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed (Destiny). Celestial Being is taken care Total Peace, you must respect them.
  • Macross Frontier: The most musical Mecha anime I have ever watched. Yeay Ranka!! Yeay Sheryl
  • Itazura na Kiss: Another heart touching, tear jerker, comedy-romance anime. I watched the Taiwanese Live-Action version, but I preferred the anime version.
  • Code Geass: a Very interesting, thriller, science-fiction and mecha anime. Must watch if you have 2 personalities
  • And others, I forgot. I’ll add it here after I remembered

And also for this Spring 2009, highly most anticipated animes:

  • Dragon Ball Kai: a remake of Dragon Ball, with today high definition audio video and shorter episodes (they said). So I hope it can make as one of my collectible items. As I am only read the manga and never complete watched the anime.
  • Full Metal Alchemist 2: I like the first season. So must have the second season.

WOW so much animes, so little reviews. Well I like to watched anime and not like to discussed it.

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