Sleepy TsukasaWriting a blog..?? Taihen na no da…!!! But I’ll try it. Ganbatte…!!! As this is not my first blog. I already had many web blogs, sites since the first day I knew Internet. And I have several blog using WordPress script on Free Web Hosting provider. So the question are, Why the heck I create another blog? Do I have time to maintain it? Am I a writer? Well… just enjoy this blog.

Perfect Combo When I am on Junior High School, I join Tae Kwon Do club. As that the only club we can hit our seniors. Wkwkwkwkwkwkw

and it’s me… after playing with animals, eating a lot and not shaving for 1 year

I wonder if this little cute cat saw me, will she be scared??

kawaii suzu-neko chan

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  1. wew, saya dah ngga pake sblog sejak lama sekali… emang sih sblog sungguh simple, tapi wordpress selain simple juga powerfull bo. btw itu link yang mana ya ??

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