Anime Dropped

No, I am not a fansub-er. I am just anime lover who like to leech ‘a ready to watch’ anime from fansubs. The problem is I really like to leech just to see anime. No, I hate to see live video streaming because the quality not so good, and not collectible. Yeah, I like to collect good anime so I can watch and play later over and over again. And this habits make my new Seagate 250GB SATA harddrive is full and also filling my office harddrive (that suppose to be used for work-related files). I was thinking to buy another 500GB or 1TB SATA drive as now cheaper and affordable by me. But after thinking hard, I decide to postpone that new harddrive and delete some boring and/or uncollectible animes. And those anime are:

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Anime Series Ending

Say you are watching an anime, the you seems to like to anime, and get to know it’s characters and begin to fall in love with the characters and familiar with the situation. And you realize it’s about time the series end (about 1 or 2 more eps before ends). What did you do? Are you going to finished and realize it’s just an anime and your reality life must continue… or pending watching the last episode and stay in anime world ?

Well somehow lately I like being in anime world. I love Clannad, Kimikiss, and Minami-ke (Minami-ke Okawari the 2nd season of Minami-ke) and I am not planning to watch their last episodes. When the first I watch anime (July 2006), I am quickly finished anime that I love, like Ai Yori Aoshi, School Rumble and Ouran High School Host Club. Or perhaps I am already in Otaku world ??