[K-On!] Fuwa Fuwa Time

Anime: K-On!
Type: Insert 06
Artist: Hikasa Youko (as Akiyama Mio) Toyosaki Aki (as Hirasawa Yui)
Title: Fuwa Fuwa Time

English Translation

When I look at you my heart always goes thump☆thump
Like a marshmallow my swaying feelings are light☆and☆fluffy
Even though I’m continuously looking at your diligent profile
You don’t notice
Even if it’s just a dream I can close the distance between the two of us

O God please
Give me Dream Time just between the two of us☆
Holding my favorite bunny I go to sleep again tonight♪

Light and fluffy time, Light and fluffy time, Light and fluffy time

Full Song (Sing Along + Lipsync) with Haruna kawaiii…
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